Oriviera Bio

Our organic extra virgin olive oil is produced from 100% of olives carefully picked by hand from natural plantations grown in the mountainous and fertile region of Zaghouan reputed for its water sources and aqueduct used since Roman times. It owes its high quality not only to the mildness of the mediterranean climate and its warm sun, but also to the ancestral know-how of the family. Extracted exclusively by mechanical processes without undergoing any chemical intervention, without any refining, no additives and without any addition of other oils, our oil meets the highest organic and food safety standards set on Law 99/30, NOP, US-Canada Standards and the HACCP.

"Oriviera BIO" has emerged as an indispensable element that is aligned not only with traditional cooking practices but also with ultra-contemporary trends of international gastronomy. Let yourself be carried away in a whirlwind of flavors in which a few drops are enough to sublimate all your dishes... Enjoy the sweet, fruited and golden gratification of “Oriviera BIO”.

Les bienfaits santé

Health Benefits

The extraction in "Agromed"

The performance of our oil mill stems from the diversity of our production systems. Equipped with all kind of machinery whether traditional or modern , it would allow us to meet the demands and wishes of our customers. They will have the choice between the traditional extraction and the modern extraction, which will enable us to always be at the top of the competition rank. Continue reading...
Olives carefully<br>harvested by hand

Olives carefully
harvested by hand

No chemical<br>fertilizers used

No chemical
fertilizers used



Natural<br>picking bags

picking bags

Les bienfaits santé

The culture of olive trees

Olive growing has been present in Tunisia since ancient times. Later, during the Carthaginian and Roman era, it has known a great growth as shown by the Carthaginian Scholar Mago, who is considered to be the Father of Agronomy for his twenty eight volume encyclopedia on agriculture. Continue reading...
USDA Organic
CRC 203
Origine Tunisie garantie
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